Moab, Utah

After a relaxing week of fishing at Lake Powell it was time to for another round of fun with Boston climber friends.  This time we were heading to the creek!  We all arrived Thursday night only for storms to roll in Friday morning as we started to hike in to climb.  Our friends were only in town for a few days so instead of waiting it out we headed to Moab in search of dryer, warmer rock.  We all made the best of it and still had an excellent shenanigan filled long weekend seeking dry cliffs.


Charles leads Mocha Chocolate Yaya (5.9) in Long Canyon.


Till gets in a stemming rest on the 190 ft long Chopper (5.10).

After our Boston friends headed back east we drove back to Indian Creek for more fun in the desert.  This time we joined friends we had met in Mexico and Yosemite earlier on our travels.


Ben starts up Jolly Rancher (5.10).


Hanging out at Pistol Whipped.


Hiking in Canyonlands on a rest day.


When in Moab it is necessary to take your truck off the road.

While camping at the creek Boris picked up his first critter.  We were awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of tiny feet scampering and plastic rustling.  The little guy had gotten into a few of our grains, a bag of pistachios, and ketchup packets.  We cleaned out the car, mouse proofed our food, and set up traps.  We never caught the mouse but eventually he stopped visiting the truck.


Well we found where the mouse had stashed the food it stole.


Steve leads an Unknown 5.9. Photo credit: Kale Snavely


Crag chilling at the Scarface wall.


Tally approaching the crux of Mantel Illness (5.11-).


Kale takes on Scarface (5.11-) before the weather turns.


Hiking around the needles district of Canyonlands National Park.


The Joint trail in the needles district of Canyonlands National Park.


Steve leads the super fun Blue Sun (5.10-)


Tally and Kale on Rochambeau (5.9) at the Way Rambo wall.