New York to South Dakota

On June 28th, 2015 Boris was ready for adventure, so we packed up all our gear and set off to our first climbing destination in South Dakota.

Boris is ready

After several weeks of preparations, we are ready to hit the road!

Packing for life on the road took quite a bit of time, so once we were actually ready to go it was 8pm.  We decided to go until we got tired then sleep in a rest stop.  Steve drove through the night entertained by CB radio chatter and fueled by his desire to drive 24 hrs straight.  That lasted until 6am when a nap was needed and we learned how awesome it is to have a comfy bed in the back of your truck.  We continued through Indiana and Illinois then realized that we would be driving right by Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin, so we decided to break up the driving with some climbing.


George experiencing some funky weather in Wisconsin.

We arrived at Devil’s Lake State Park at 10pm, just in time to grab a campsite before the office closed at 11pm.


Lazy morning at Devil’s Lake State Park recovering from the long day of driving.


Boris parked for his first rock climbing day ever complete with squawking birds circling above.



Steve leads the first climb of the trip, Double Overhang, a sandbagged 5.4. We learned from another pair of climbers that this whole area was pretty sandbagged. It turned out that one of them happened to have lived in Boston too, and used to climb with one of our friends, it is a small world in the climbing community.


A beautiful day on the cliffs.

The climbing at Devil’s lake consists of a quartzite cliff band approximately 100 feet tall.  The climbing is traditional and reminded us of the traprock in Connecticut.  We ended the day with a delicious dinner by the lake, then continued the drive to South Dakota.


Chef Steve in action at Devil’s Lake State Park.


Driving through Minnesota the next day. (Don’t worry, this picture was taken on a straight road with no other cars around).

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