Lake Powell, Utah

At this point in the trip we needed a little break from climbing to let our bodies heal.  Joanna’s wrist tendonitis had been getting much worse in the past month and needed time off.  Luckily for us southern Utah has plenty of non tendon injuring adventures to be had.  We also have been travelling with fishing gear that rarely gets used so it was about time for a fishing trip.  We headed to the Glen Canyon National Recreation area where we camped, fished, and soaked in the beauty of Lake Powell for a week.


Springtime storms rolling through the desert.


Enjoying the juxtaposition of the mountains with the desert landscape.


A spectacular drive through southern Utah.


A desert spiny lizard visiting our campsite in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.


Living in a truck down by the river.


Steve enjoys a peaceful evening attempting to catch some fish for dinner.


A sheltered cove in Farley Canyon.


Steve throws a cast in crystal clear water.


The main section of flowing river, there was a lot less water here than shown on the map.


Dried cracked earth where water used to be.

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